Thursday, July 30, 2009

new reviews in cyberculture studies (august 2009)

each month, RCCS Reviews pumps out free, full-length reviews of books about contemporary media and culture. this month, RCCS Reviews features 9 reviews of 4 books with 3 author responses! books of the month for august 2009 are:

Playing the Past: History and Nostalgia in Video Games
Editors: Zach Whalen, Laurie N. Taylor
Publisher: Vanderbilt University Press, 2008
Review 1: Carly A. Kocurek
Author Response: Zach Whalen

The Internet in the Arab World: Egypt and Beyond
Author: Rasha A. Abdulla
Publisher: Peter Lang, 2007
Review 1: Antonio A. Garcia
Review 2: Laurence Raw
Review 3: Natasha Ritsma
Author Response: Rasha A. Abdulla

The Pleasures of Computer Gaming: Essays on Cultural History, Theory and Aesthetics
Editors: Melanie Swalwell, Jason Wilson
Publisher: McFarland, 2008
Review 1: Dave Jones
Review 2: Alex Meredith
Author Response: Melanie Swalwell

Zero Comments: Blogging and Critical Internet Culture
Author: Geert Lovink
Publisher: Routledge, 2008
Review 1: Liz Ellcessor
Review 2: Tricia M. Farwell
Review 3: Madeline Yonker

enjoy. there's a little bit more where that came from.

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