Saturday, December 06, 2008

good food: a book display in gleeson library

good food: slow food, cooking, gardening, organic farming, and food, currently on exhibit in gleeson library, is my kind of book display. designed by USF librarian and summer garden crew member sherise kimura, the display includes books about food, growing food, cooking food, and the politics and pleasures of food.

there's something here for everyone. for those interested in growing, there's w. hensel's gardening for beginners and barbara pleasant and deborah martin's the complete compost gardening guide. for those interested in cooking, and for those interested in expanding their repertoires, there is gerry g. gelle's filipino cuisine, copeland marks' the exotic kitchens of peru, ruth reichl's the gourmet cookbook, and corby kummer's the pleasures of slow food. for those with a nursing and nutritional interest, there is reader's digest's foods that harm, foods that heal and the american dietetic association's complete food and nutrition guide. and for those of us who like to read and eat and read about what we eat, there's barbara kingsolver's animal, vegetable, miracle, marion nestle's food politics and what to eat, and a suite of michael pollan books, including the omnivore's dilemma (which i'll be assigning in my spring seminar eating san francisco).

the book display also includes an excellent four-page reading list of relevant gleeson library books, cookbooks, and guidebooks. a free holiday gift for readers!

the great thing about book displays at libraries is that the materials circulate freely. interested in learning how to compost? want new, delicious recipes? looking for some foodie-related winter-break reading? go to the library and borrow a book for free.

4 comments: said...

I've not come across many academic bloggers who promote their library like you do, David. Gleeson librarians must love you!

Anonymous said...

hey ivan - thanks!

i'm a supporter - and huge fan - of gleeson library and librarians and enjoy documenting a portion of what they do for the USF community. i always get new ideas when i step into the library.

oh, btw, sherise, the librarian who designed this exhibit was at your USF talk!

Anonymous said...

Yes, your talk was GREAT, Ivan! Thank you, David, for the shout out about the display and for being a library champion!

raju said...

Good article and use full content of gardening books thank u