Wednesday, January 02, 2008

the cement garden

our front yard is mostly cement.

two big beautiful trees, a parking sign, assorted trash, endless cigarette butts, sometimes dog shit, and lots and lots of cement.

yesterday we dragged a planter and set it like so.

today i transfered two mini wine barrels from the deck and added plants and flowers and herbs. while planting the azaleas, an older man walked up to me, grabbed my shoulder, flashed a big smile, and yelled "replace the plants! happy new year!"



srcsmgrl said...

I visited San Francisco a couple of years ago and remembered thinking: the sidewalks are filthy here! All the gum blobs and dog poop on them--it was gross. One good thing about Seattle having so much rain.

jini said...

this is such a great start david! i hope you keep blogging and showing progress with your street-side garden. it's a wonderful improvement!

david silver said...

srcsmgrl - so that's what all the rain in seattle is for. =)

jini - thanks. i'll try to post updates periodically and i'll definately upload some pics on flickr to show the cement garden's progress. rumor on the streets is that sarah plans to paint the planter a deep provence blue. we'll see.

....J.Michael Robertson said...

Better to drag a planter than curse the darkness. Or, in this case, the dogshit.

Ikiru said...

Bringing some green to the city is never bad for new years karma. I can't wait to see the Garden Project when it is in full bloom.

david silver said...

michael - nicely said.

ikiru - i agree with you about new years karma and i share your excitement about USF's garden project. (and kevin: good to see you've set up a blog.)