Friday, December 01, 2006

teaching carnival #17

ah, the first of december, the time of the year when we teachers grow two brains - one to cover all the grading that will soon appear and one to dream about all the vacations waiting to be taken.

and with that, we bring you teaching carnival #17!
wanna get involved? if you blog about higher education teaching, consider tagging your entry or contact xoom who will fearlessly lead the next teaching carnival.


....J.Michael Robertson said...

I like some of the solutions. But what I really like is the confirmation that we all have the same problems.

Ancarett said...

Great job with the carnival hosting -- I suspect we've all been too busy to stop and go into more detail, but I'm finally catching up enough to make the time.

George H. Williams said...

Excellent work, Professor Silver!

Anonymous said...

Nice work, David. I forgot to send you a link, but I'll go ahead and mention an article/guest blog post (can anybody tell the difference anymore?) I wrote for the very cool Re:New Media website. I mention it here, if only because it responds to some of Christopher Conway's arguments about YouTube.

Thanks again for putting the Carnival together.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the comments, folks, and thanks for the additional link, chuck!

i think hosting a teaching carnival is a really good exercise - it's an interesting way to get to know how folks teach in higher education. it's like surfing blogs with a purpose.