Sunday, September 26, 2010

project one assignment: transmedia storytelling

project one assignment for digital media production.

we spent most of last week talking about transmedia storytelling. on monday, we discussed the matrix; on wednesday, we discussed henry jenkins' chapter "searching for the oragami unicorn: the matrix and transmedia storytelling"; and on friday, we shared and discussed other forms of matrix-related transmedia. by now, you should have a basic understanding of what transmedia storytelling is and how it works. now's the time to make some.

1. working individually or in groups, design and launch a transmedia story about USF. your story can be about anything as long as it is interesting and relates to USF. you are free to explore - and free not to explore - any of the topics we brainstormed in class on friday.

2. your transmedia story must unfold/be told through at least 5 platforms: twitter, flickr, our class blog, USFPool (which we will learn how to use in class on monday), and 1 other platform of your choice.

3. the 5 platforms must be linked/connected. be creative and thoughtful with your connections.

4. make links from your USF story to the stories of at least 5 other DMP students. be creative and thoughtful with your connections.

5. whenever possible, give your readers opportunities to comment and contribute to your story.


a. follow all directions.

b. if you have no work to demo for friday's demo day, do not come to class.

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