Wednesday, March 17, 2010

food person research project assignment

food person research project for green media

1. select a person - local or global; living or non-living - who makes media about making food. your food person can be a celebrity or not.

2. research your food person's history. use at least 3 different sources.

3. analyze your food person's techniques. analyze her/his approach, content, methods, tone, style, experience, and preferred mode/s of media. analyze at least 3 pieces of media made by your food person.

4. consider your food person in relation to your own experience with making media about making food. are there elements of your food person's technique that you wish to emulate? avoid? go beyond?

5. your research can be presented in any media necessary - paper, blog post, video, you name it.

6. edit compulsively. make your project technically and technologically flawless.

7. at least 2 of your sources must be from gleeson library - either from the collection or via link plus. put another way, at least 2 of your sources need to be texts you can hold in your hands that you physically gathered from gleeson library.

8. your project must have a works cited section. you can use any bibliographic style you wish but you must use one.


a. if this were a traditional paper, double-spaced in word, it would be around 8-10 pages.

b. your research project should interest you and people who are not you.

c. if you are taking green media as a senior seminar, you must do 2 food person research projects. your second project must be turned in no later than the last day of class (may 7). plan wisely.

due: friday, april 2, by sunset.

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