Wednesday, March 03, 2010

bake yer own bread - 9 delicious bread recipes from the students in green media

last week in green media, the students and professor baked bread. although the assignment included some readings on bread-making, it included no hands-on instructions. "bake bread," i told my students, "and if you don't know how, learn."

in class on friday, we broke bread. we sampled each other's creations and shared tips and suggestions.

(2nd pic: erin venables)

as usual, students were required to make and share their recipes. together, the students created an online cookbook. enjoy.

Marco Abellera's Making Bread: Focaccia
Daniele Dominguez's How to Make Sourdough Bread
Kate Greenspan & Sophia Lorenzi's Soph's Loaf of Chocolate Banana Bread
Christina Hammill's No-Knead Bread
Samuel Hernandez & Peter Thoene's rosemary rock salt focaccia
Michael Kao's Bread Noobie
Kelli McCloskey & Joseph Montana's Bread Making
Erin Venables' Rosemary Garlic Bread
Joel Weston's Mama D's Italian Bread


Clarissa Lee said...

Hi David
Not sure if you remember me as the Malaysian book reviewer for the cyberculture site turned grad student in the US. Am still settling into the crazy life of grad school as a second year. I see your blog is going strong and it's great to be able to learn pedagogy from that being done in demographically more diverse educational institutions than where I am even as I'm planning for my own class soon. Keep up the great work here...and it's interesting how differently media studies are done in so many different institutions in the same continent. In fact, there's also differences stemming from the location of the field vis-a-vis departments.

david silver said...

hello clarissa!

(for those curious, clarissa published a great review of Jenny Sundén's book, Material Virtualities: Approaching Online Textual Embodiment, back in 2006. here's the review.)

thanks for the comment and i hope you can use or tweak some of these assignments for your own classes.

i believe that the state of media is in such flux that the state of media studies should be equally approached as in complete flux. put another way, i think we need to completely rethink what media studies is and how we teach it to this current generation of students. green media is one such alternative.

good luck, clarissa, developing your own class and i hope to hear from you soon!

Once Upon A Parent said...

I find this really funny because I came by your blog to find you bread recipe. My name is Annie and my brother worked with your wife up until last May when he had stroke. I check in here periodically to see what you guys are doing. I met Sarah when she came to visit my brother in the hospital. She's awesome. And I also love to see what's happening in Cali. Both times I have visited San Francisco I have been in love. I will look forward to checking out all these recipes and hopefully trying some soon. I am trying hard to make most of what we eat and stay away from "store" bought. Please tell Sarah hello from Chris's sister Annie.

david silver said...

Annie - so, so cool. i'm a big fan of your brother chris (i'm also a big fan of my wife sarah) and we selfishly hope he'll move back to the bay area real soon. i hope you'll be able to try out some of the recipes and please leave another comment if you do!