Sunday, February 14, 2010

breakfast project - fresh salad with a mustard vinaigrette

for class on friday, green media students and professor were required to make a breakfast meal, bring it to class, and share it with others. we were also required to post online our recipes. here's mine.

fresh salad with a mustard vinaigrette

1. put a few cups of water in a sauce pan and bring to boil. place 2 eggs in boiling water and let cook for 15 minutes. take eggs out of water to cool.

2. get 1 large bunch or 1 big bowl full of lettuce. instead of using one kind of lettuce, consider using multiple varieties. for this salad, i used arugula, spinach, green leaf, romaine, and mustard greens.

3. wash salad greens in a bowl. use a salad spinner to dry the greens. if you don't have one, use a clean cloth towel to hand-dry the greens. you want your greens to be dry.

4. with your hands, tear the greens in half or in thirds and place in a large bowl.

5. for the mustard vinaigrette, you'll need the following:

6. pour the red wine vinegar in a small bowl. add a pinch or two of salt and pepper and stir until dissolved. add minced garlic (and, optionally, minced shallot). add dijon mustard. now add olive oil. whisk! taste it - does it need more salt? a bit more vinegar? experiment until the dressing is nothing less than delicious.

7. peel the hard-boiled eggs, cut them in small chunks, and add to the salad.

8. add the vinaigrette dressing to the salad and mix it all up. serve immediately.

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Pedro said...

The right way to start a Friday.