Thursday, March 05, 2009

reading assignment for tuesday

reading assignment for tuesday's digital media production class

this tuesday, DMP will host two visitors from white whale web services, the web team USF hired to redesign our web site. jason pontius (president/creative director) and donald tetto (developer/jack-of-all-trades) will join us in class for discussions and brainstorming. in preparation of their visit, your reading assignment is the following:

1. visit USF's web site. spend some time on the site and think about what on the web site works and what doesn't. consider asking your friends what they think of USF's web site.

2. if you were the decider, what would USF's web site look like? what kinds of platforms would it support? what kinds of interactions and collaborations would take place? spend some time imagining what USF's web site could be and be creative with your imaginations.

3. visit white whale's web site and spend some time looking through their portfolio. visit the web sites of their past clients and get a sense of white whale's design.

4. be ready to share your thoughts - and hear others - in class on tuesday.


Buffalo Nickel said...

Thanks for all the links to the readings for your media class... I just spent a snowy afternoon in Wyoming reading all the articles. I teach a workshop on writing books for kids - my blog is
Thanks again for the great collection!

Anonymous said...

thanks Buffalo Nickel! - i like the idea of not only the syllabus but the readings for digital media production being online and open to the public, and i really like the idea of people like you taking advantage of it, especially in the snow! thanks for the comment.

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