Thursday, August 21, 2008

the september project grows ... and a question about wordpress + google maps

the september project continues to grow. libraries in argentina, canada, greece, italy, lithuania, and the united states are organizing events about issues that matter for their communities.

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if you mouse-click the pins, you'll find the names of participating libraries, as well as their addresses and links to their web sites. also, when available, we're able to include a photograph of the library.

although we've been pretty happy with google maps there's a major problem. when we try to embed the map on our "Where is it?" page of the september project web site (built in wordpress, rather than, like this blog, in blogger), the map default is stuck on the US/north america. it must seem so uninviting for folks outside the US to visit our page and see a big map of the US. arg. if anyone has any advice about working with wordpress + google maps, please let me know. we need help!

in the last few weeks i've blogged a bit about various september project events going on around the world. here's some:

September Project events in Portland, Oregon

September Project events for children, teens, and adults at all eight branches of Arapahoe (CO) Library District

September Project events in Genova, Italy

A full slate of September Project events at Morton Grove Public Library

Waffle Brunch with Benjamin Franklin at Beaufort Branch Library!

what's your library doing in september?


ulla said...

I'm too lazy to log on to my email - I figure, you'll find this too. Imagine this, I made a third post!!!!1!!!one! It's about why graduate school is like the airline industry :D

Srcsmgrl said...

Here is some cool stuff the Seattle Public Library is doing:

SPL September Project

"Seattle Public Library is hosting an exciting and provocative suite of events taking place in Central Library, Capitol Hill Branch Library, and Green Lake Branch Library. Events include a three-part, three-neighborhood discussion with Eric Liu and Nick Hanauer and their book The True Patriot; a film screening and discussion of The Corporal's Diary; a public talk by veteran British war correspondent Robert Fisk; and, in collaboration with Intiman Theatre, a dramatic reading from Robert Penn Warren's "All the King's Men."

More Info: The September Project Blog

david silver said...

yes! it's always exciting to see what SPL comes up with each year. this year the slate of events seem particularly excellent.

srcsmgrl - if you attend any of the events, please take pics!

tom dobrowolsky said...

It looks like it comes up nice and not centered on the US... so you probably figured it out? (the "ll=" value in the hugely long URL specifies the map's center and "z=" specifies zoom level)

Here's a handy guide to Google maps parameters:

david silver said...

tom - yes! sarah with help from our friend chris jowasis helped us figure it out. currently, the september project map reflects the global rather than national scope of the project. yay!