Friday, August 15, 2008

mom has a birthday

this summer mom turned seventy. when my sisters and i asked mom what she wanted for her birthday, she said two things: for the whole family to be together and for a photograph or two to be taken along the way. we agreed to both demands.


Sabi said...

Smart woman your mother! Memories last a life time. The photo reminds me of mi familia (adding 20 more) in the Dominican Republic.
Thanks for the added memories.


Anonymous said...

Happy, happy birthday, Sandy! These pictures prove my theory of the magic of the Silver family. I'm so privileged to have known each one of you at the beginning of your educational careers.
-Marian G.

david silver said...

jesus - i'd love to see a photo of your large family. you will need a wide-angle lens to fit all of your family members into the photograph.

marian - i like your theory. a lot. =)