Tuesday, July 29, 2008

UC 539 shuts down

for the last two years, my office was UC 539. UC 539 is a tiny room, entirely windowless, and, with a nod to the professor of pop, located directly next to the departmental office.

today i went to campus and packed all the books and journals and papers and magazines and CDs and dvds and videotapes and comic books and posters and paper clips and rubber bands and everything else i completely forgot was stored in my office. i fit it all into fifteen boxes and stacked them WALL·E-style.

starting august 8, USF humanities and social sciences professors and staff move from UC to kalmanovitz hall. wish us luck.


Buridan said...

you are a fine stacker... i wish i would have had you loading the truck today. off toward blacksburg and the cddc tomorrow.

david silver said...

buridan - if this whole academic thing doesn't work out, i can hire my services as a purger / packer / stacker.

good luck with your move. will you be teaching classes at VT?

jini said...

wow david. that's quite a job! good work getting it all packed up and ready to go!