Monday, July 14, 2008

a family reunion in colorado

when it comes to states, my heart and history belong to california. but colorado sure is purty.

last week, sarah and i travelled to colorado for a mcgrew family reunion (sarah's mom's side). but before the reunion, we headed to leadville, to see sarah's sister jewlee, her partner sam, and their five dogs.

i like elevation and leadville, which reaches 10,152 feet (3094 m), is the highest town or city in the US. it's also one of the most breath-taking, surrounded by mount massive, mount elbert, and other fourteeners.

after a few days in leadville, we headed south, to wetmore, to visit with nan davenport, director of the wetmore community library, part of the mighty davenport family, and one of those humans who upon meeting you stop and say to yourself, "wow, what a unique person!" wetmore community library is a one-room treasure chest of knowledge and serves as the heart of wetmore. it also organizes the community square dances, which occur about twice a year and bring out the whole community, from teens to old-timers. meeting nan and her family and square dancing with the folks of wetmore (and nearby florence) were trip highlights.

then we jumped back in the car and drove north of denver and west of fort collins and landed in estes park to reunion with the mcgrew crew. we were nineteen, ranging from a newly minted one-year old to a few who got senior discounts to the nearby rocky mountain national park. three generations of mcgrews shuttled to bear lake and ate delicious sammies, played miniature golf under a big hot sun, told stories and shared histories on the deck late into the night, and gathered for a photograph or two.

thanks mcgrews. thanks colorado. i look forward to seeing both of you again real soon.


Nancy said...

When I saw your Flickr pix I was going to chide you for not stopping in to visit in Aspen, but now I see you had a very full agenda. Me, my heart and history are deeply tied to Colorado, and if I could figure out a way to live here full time without a total career shift, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Glad you loved your time here.

david silver said...

aspen = next time.

Nancy said...

I'll take that as a promise :)