Tuesday, February 12, 2008

new blog on campus - gleeson gleanings

there's a new blog on campus and it's called gleeson gleanings.

collectively written by various USF librarians, including debbie benrubi, jessica lu, debbie malone, and kelci baughman mcdowell, gleeson gleanings is off to an excellent start and promises to present "news and factual nourishment from the library’s collections and services."

the blog's scope appears to be as diverse as its authors' interests. it includes announcementy entries on topics like library hours, scheduled power outages, and job openings ("Part-Time Library Assistant IV for Digital Projects"). it includes resource information on projects like the AJCU digital repository. And it includes instructions for students on checking out DVDs and videos and instructions for faculty on ordering new journal subscriptions.

gleeson gleanings also gives us a lot of reasons to go - physically - to the library. after all, in gleeson library's thacher art gallery there's between the lines, featuring paintings, prints, photography, sculpture, installation works, and architectural and graphic design from USF faculty. there's the USF book club, which meets this coming tuesday on the second floor to discuss gabriel garcía márquez's masterpiece love in the time of cholera. and on the third floor, in the donohue rare book room, there's books (?) by poets (!), an exhibit of books made by the students in jaime robles’ MFA workshop. gleeson gleanings reminds us that the heart of campus is the library.

welcome to the blogosphere gleeson library!


Amber said...

Okay, this is pretty amazing... I'm in the process of making a Facebook event for Ivan Chew. I wanted to get the URL for the Davies Forum webpage on usfca.edu, and I Googled "Davies Forum" because I thought it might be fastest. One of the hits was a post on this Gleeson Gleanings blog about our class. I hadn't known about this blog (and Gleeson Library will always hold a special place in my heart), so I went to Google Reader to add the RSS feed, and saw that you had a new posting in your blog... about Gleeson Gleanings. All signs are telling me I should be reading this blog.

david silver said...

that is so excellent amber!

i'm really excited about this blog and, like you, added it to my RSS.

i'll look forward to seeing and joining the ivan chew facebook event page.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for blogging us David!! And I love that Amber found Gleeson Gleanings by googling Davies Forum . . . awesome synergy happening. We are new at this & still working out our strategies for posting but the "magnetisim" of the social network is starting to draw other library staff into the vortex -- look for new authors to start appearing in the near future. We feel welcomed into the blogosphere! ~ Debbie Malone

....J.Michael Robertson said...

Check. It's on my reading list. I'm guessing the content will be the opposite of PR bland; that is, the info will be voluntarily posted by those who care about it and understand it, not by hired guns desperately trying to manufacture enthusiasm for what's happening. I go in assuming I can read *with confidence.*

Tor Hershman said...

When it comes to some thingys, such as the prevailing mythologies, the Internet may be less skewed, at least at rarefied locales, than most library volumes.

A YouTube history wee - e. g.,

I mean, there no ism like Showism.

You have an interesting blog.

Stay on groovin' safari,