Monday, February 18, 2008

the first drops of wellness

i've been sick for six days.

six days.

i've been able to make strategic appearances - ivan chew's awesome talk in our davies forum on digital literacy, dinner near clement with ivan, si wei, and sarah, a faculty meeting, a meeting with the deans - but other than that i've been at home, inside, for six days.

throughout the span, nene's been camping out near the door to our deck, giving me this look that says, "what's your problem?!? it's blue and beautiful outside, let's get going!"

and she gets confused when she hears my response: ack! cough! weeze!

the worst part of the sickness was that i had to cancel one class of digital journalism - the class when students were going to present their blogs in class. arg. the second worst part of the sickness was that i missed out exploring the city with ivan, si wei, and sarah.

but: the best part of the sickness is that today, for the first time in six days, i feel the first drops of wellness.


Sara said...

My first thought: Such a bummer that you went through a sick spell!

My second: We totally have the same curtains!

david silver said...

ohmigod, sara - that's the first time i've LOL for a while. thanks. looking forward to tuesday's class at SFPL.

....J.Michael Robertson said...

We who also thought we were about to die salute you.

jini said...

well, david, i feel bad. here i was assuming you were better. rats. i'm glad you feel like rejoining the world. hopefully you can do a bit of touring with ivan before he leaves?
i'm still recommending hot lemonade! don's mom's sure cure! :)

Bryan's workshop blog said...

Yuck. Our family went through the flu this month. Bleh.

Sandy said...

Wow! You *rarely* get sick. Six Days!! If you would of had some chicken soup on the first day, I bet you would have recovered more quickly... Glad to hear you're feeling better.

Ivan Chew said...

Have you ever considered Spicy Chicken Broth, David? (inside joke to those who attended the talk)