Sunday, August 19, 2007

a. turns eight

on friday, my nephew a. turned eight, so on saturday, we celebrated in santa cruz. the day was spent at the boardwalk, where we road the giant dipper and drank cherry icees. in the evening, we feasted on pizza and nancy's two-layered strawberry cake.


kq said...

happy happy A. happy happy silver family. happy happy santa cruz.

did nancy make her soft fruit salad?

perhaps the only way it could have been grander would have been to have the twins and nene along?

david silver said...

kq - cara, not nancy, is known for her soft fruit salad. but i wouldn't rule out nancy's ability to make one too.

the boardwalk with nene is out of the question; she's scared of sand.

but, yeah, it sure would be nice if the twins were around more. =)

sarah said...

NOT scared of sand, m'dear. my unscientific hypothesis is she LOVES the sand as much as she LOVES her litter (even though her fancy pants litter has nothing to do with sedimentary rock and everything to do with organic corn kernels).

but she doesn't need to know that.