Tuesday, August 21, 2007

the summer is ending

today, two days before summer ends and school begins, was special programs fair at USF and all kinds of students, mostly freshmen and transfers, walked from table to table to talk to professors and staff about various programs, minors, and majors.

michael robertson and i worked the table, and we welcomed a lot of students interested in the journalism minor and the media studies major. we were next to the table for ROTC. we gave out tootsie rolls and gum; they gave out water bottles, pens, and rulers.

it's an exciting time of the year - everything smells of possibility.


kq said...

rulers? i can only imagine the puns and innuendo that crossed your mind.

i find it hard to believe that the jesuits sanction ROTC. really? i know i know: soldiers of jesus, but ROTC?

dear me. at least they didn't give out hummers. or hummer rides?

....J.Michael Robertson said...

Hey hey hey. Let's take the rough talk outside on the deck while we smoke.

Marian said...

"it's an exciting time of the year - everything smells of possibility." David, you've captured the wonder of the beginning of any school year...THAT I miss!

ig said...

you need a better sign (although the taped Dept.of Media Studies is kind of sweet). the ROTC folks advertise "Adventure Training" with Zorro and I won't even begin to comment on "Ease the Pain of the Cost of College" army poster.

How about "Adventure Training without the Cost of Getting Killed?"

kq said...

i. m. so. blushing.

i just realized that what i typed a couple of days ago could be read as bawdy.

didn't you once post about tricked out hummers on campus as part of a recruitment tour? i have a feeling that is what i was on about in the middle of the night when i posted the last one.

dear me? indeed.

david silver said...

to address kq's concerns: to the best of my knowledge, no hummers were given or gotten. but i could be wrong.

Michael Vick said...

So, you decided to take our "participation" in the ROTC event to the next level this semester, eh? I laughed so hard when I saw the picture of your ad hoc "Journalism Minor" sign next to the well-heeled ROTC booth. I hope you all got more business than they did.