Wednesday, May 16, 2007

arthur is back

earlier in the year, many people, including me, reported the tragic end of arthur magazine.

good news: arthur's back.

rumors about arthur's return have been bubbling for some time but now things appear official. as reported by pitchfork on monday, jay babcock has gained full ownership of the counter-culture magazine and will resume printing shortly. in jay's words: "All the ducks are getting in order, and then we'll go for a swim." excellent.


Jay Fienberg said...

That is such awesome news!!! Can't wait to see new issues coming out again!!

david silver said...

i agree jay. the news is certainly multiple exclamation point worthy!!!

also, for those who missed it, between the retirement and re-launch there was an issue of arthur that didn't make it into print. instead, most or all of it, including doug rushkoff's incredible net loss piece, is online.