Wednesday, April 11, 2007

special topics - led zeppelin

if i were a student at USF and looking for classes for next fall, i would totally take special topics: led zeppelin.

the course is taught by media studies professor andrew goodwin who's also the author of dancing in the distraction factory: music television and popular culture.

course description:
This class will explore the roots of Led Zeppelin, and their impact on rock, hip-hop and dance culture, via an appreciation and critique of the band's music, including iconography, the star-text and performance. We will investigate questions of copyright and intellectual property, the aesthetics of popular music, sexuality, adrogyny and gender, fandom, and technologies in the recording process, through a chronological assessment of Led Zeppelin's career.


SKBlackburn said...

Wow! That class sounds Amazing. Im so bummed out because i will be studying abroad, but I agree I would absolutely take that class.

david silver said...

sam - i agree! i keep hinting to prof goodwin that i wanna sit in on the course. i think he thinks i'm joking.