Saturday, April 14, 2007

josh wolf coming to USF

july 8, 2005 - josh wolf, a san francisco journalist and video blogger, videotapes an anti-G8 protest in san francisco.

august 1, 2006 - after refusing to turn over footage to federal officials, josh is put in jail.

april 3, 2007 - after serving the longest jail-time for a US journalist protecting source materials, josh is released from jail.

next monday, april 23, 2007 - josh wolf comes to USF to give a free and public talk. mark your calendars - 4-6 pm - and tell a friend.

USF students: if you belong to a student organization that wants to get involved, please contact teresa moore or me immediately.

more details to follow.

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kq said...

what a coup. i am jealous. if i weren't scheduled to be in BILBAO, i would so come along.

big up to you and your faculty colleague teresa for making this happen.

how wonderful for your students. and colleagues.