Friday, March 02, 2007

a terrible car accident at the university of san francisco

there was a terrible car accident yesterday afternoon at the intersection of turk and chabot terrace. a pedestrian, paula gmelch, was killed. paula's husband is walt gmelch, dean of USF's school of education. another pedestrian sustained life threatening injuries. neither driver was injured.

i have followed the terrible event through USF connect and local media, but mainly through USF student bloggers, including .


....J.Michael Robertson said...

In Hunter's case, this is what a blog can do. A blogger can be a reporter and can establish facts and kill rumor. I'm not trying to be circular here but if we behave like journalists, we are journalists.

david silver said...

Michael - i agree with you. it is interesting to note that hunter is reporting elements of the story that simply do not (yet) exist in local media outlets.

it's also interesting to note that the course blog served as a bit of a virtual community for some of us who were all online as the story began to filter in.

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