Thursday, March 08, 2007

spring break in spain

next week, spring break begins and sarah and i will be in spain. we'll be staying in madrid, with our host david de ugarte, and hopefully meeting some of las indias. sarah's never been to spain; i've spent some time in barcelona but only one day in madrid. we're really excited.


Edgar said...

My dear David, if you want to make another stop in Barcelona it will be my pleasure to be your host here. Of course is a formal invitation.

david silver said...


unfortunately, we will not be able to go to barcelona ... this time. but we will be in spain until march 17 - is it possible that you will be here in madrid this week?

if not, i will be back in spain and will visit you and barcelona next time.

Edgar said...

David, well, there’s a chance that I can go there and have a couple of “caƱas” with you, David and Sara but I couldn’t tell you right now, if so, I’ll send you a mail as soon as I know. Anyway, I hope you guys have the greatest time here.