Monday, October 09, 2006

USF event: the weather underground (film screening and discussion with director)

the weather underground is an academy award-nominated documentary film about a group of young, mostly white americans who grew weary of america's violence (both domestic and overseas in vietnam) and began organizing to overthrow the government. a fascinating film about a fascinating chapter of american history. the film's director - and USF media studies professor - sam green will be there for a discussion.

    tuesday, october 10
    mclaren 252
this event is sponsored by the USF politics society, the peace & justice studies program, the politics department, the history department, and the philosophy department.

refreshments will be served.


Chuck said...

I caught this film a couple of years ago and really liked it. It would be lots of fun to watch with the director, I'd imagine.

david silver said...

it was chuck. yesterday was the first time i had a chance to meet sam and he was great. there were between 25-30 students, some USF staff members, and some non-USF visitors in attendance. it's a powerful film, naturally, so there was a noticeable impact by the time it was finished. sam stuck around answering questions for about 30 minutes. an excellent event.