Tuesday, October 31, 2006

usf event: media studies colloquium featuring yours truly

please join us for the second talk in our media studies colloquium! the title of my talk is "Web 2.0: Beyond the Hype." the talk will discuss what is meant by web 2.0, critique the hype around web 2.0, and offer what i believe to be progressive and exciting about web 2.0. time permitting, i will offer some brief notes regarding my newest project (top secret code name: interfacing golden gate park) that incorporates some of the key concepts of web 2.0.

    who: david silver, media studies
    what: web 2.0: beyond the hype
    when: wednesday, november 1, 3-4 pm
    where: UC 400
the colloquia continues on november 15th with jeremaiah opiniano, yuchengco media fellow at USF's center for the pacific rim, who will present on "the outgrowth of a journalism for a distributed philippine economy."

hope to see you there!


....J.Michael Robertson said...

You couldn't keep me away.

Ivan Chew said...

Hi David, will you be posting a summary of your talk anytime soon?

david silver said...

hey ivan!

here is a partial summary of another talk, which featured a good chunk of my colloquium talk. plus, it features you.