Sunday, November 16, 2014

media fast homework assignment

media fast homework assignment for intro to media studies

1. sometime between monday, november 17, and sunday, november 23, stop using all modern media. you can read books and magazines and newspapers and comics, but stop using media that is electronic or digital. no iphones, no facebook, no text. no tablets, laptops, desktops, TVs, record players, or radios. no CD players, digital cameras, or tape recorders. stop using media that runs on a power cord or batteries. mark the time your media fast begins.

2. continue your fast for as long as possible - the longer, the better.

3. when your absence from media becomes dangerous, impossible, or unbearable, return to them. note which device you broke your fast with and record the time.

4. calculate how long your media fast lasted.

5. take some time -- a few hours, a day -- to reflect upon what just happened.

6. in one page -- and no more -- share your findings. make sure your name is on the page and bring it to class on monday, november 24.

tip: think about the timing of your media fast and strategize accordingly.

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