Tuesday, August 31, 2010

flickr assignment

flickr assignment for digital media production.

1. take some time walking around campus and/or its immediate surroundings. find a place (or places) that has meaning for you - somewhere you find beautiful or miserable, inspiring or daunting, a place that makes your mind soar or makes your heart go boom boom boom. or just find a place you think is cool.

2. take some photographs of this place (or places). before you snap a picture, put some thought into what you are trying to capture. take as many photographs as you want.

3. if you do not already have a flickr account, create one. if you have an interest in photography, seriously consider opening a pro account ($25/year). if not, sign up for a free account.

4. upload 3-5 of your favorite campus photographs from your camera or phone to flickr. make sure you title each photograph.

5. put your photographs into a flickr set. be sure to title your flickr set.

6. once finished - and no later than 9 am on friday, september 3rd - tweet about it. include a link to your flickr set so that your classmates and people who follow you on twitter can see your work.

7. in class on friday, be prepared to demo your work.


1. follow all directions.

2. give yourself some time with this assignment. flickr is not overly difficult but it's not overly simple.

3. keep in mind that the goal of this assignment is not to take the greatest photograph ever of USF or san francisco - you have a whole semester to accomplish that! instead, the goal of this assignment to get you up and running on flickr.

4. if you have not completed the assignment by friday, do not come to class.

5. finally, if this assignment isn't fun, you're doing something wrong.

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