Tuesday, April 13, 2010

lunch project assignment

lunch project assignment for green media

1. research and prepare a delicious meal for lunch for this friday's class.

2. your meal must include at least one ingredient from USF's organic garden. as we discussed last friday in the garden, seasonal veggies ready for picking include arugula, lettuce greens on the south side of the garden, chard and green onions in the middle of the garden, and beets and beet greens towards the north side of the garden. you are also welcome to use the herbs located in the herb spiral. because the veggies "sold" at thursday's campus farmstand come directly from USF's garden, you are welcome to get your veggies and ingredients there.

3. prepare your delicious meal individually or as a group. pack as much soul as possible into your delicious meal.

4. bring your delicious meal to class on friday (april 16). also bring some kind of serving utensil. share your meal with others. also bring to class your favorite bowl (or plate) and fork (or spoon) so that you can sample other people's meals.

5. make a recipe for your delicious meal and share it online via the platform of your choice. regardless of your platform, your recipe must: a) use multimedia; b) be publicly accessible; and c) allow user comments. your recipes are due no later than sunday at midnight.

6. once finished, tweet your recipe.

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