Friday, October 16, 2009

yelp homework assignment

yelp homework for digital media production

1. create a profile on yelp. using your full, real name is optional.

2. write a yelp review about something or someone in san francisco.

3. when thinking about what makes a good review, consider reading some yelp reviews to get a sense of the style, tone, and flavor.

4. once you have posted your yelp review, tweet it. be sure to include a link from your tweet to your review. your tweet is due no later than monday night.

5. this assignment is not very demanding. therefore, do it really well.


deets said...

I am curious to know how many of the reviews will stay visible under the business listing. Many reviews of my clients, who only have 1 review, have been "disappeared" by yelp. They claim to have some formula for automatically detecting reviews that may be fake or self-reviews and solo reviews seems to be one of the main flags.

david silver said...

me too.

next week's reading (Kathleen Richards' Yelp and the Business of Extortion 2.0, from the East Bay Express) covers this topic of "disappearance" and will allow us, hopefully, to discuss yelp's formula and other strategies.

Thomas Listerman said...

Nice quote in the AP piece on young people warming to Twitter: