Saturday, October 25, 2008

doctor gendelman

i met irina gendelman at the university of washington in 2001. we were both studying communication - she as a grad student, me as a new assistant professor. within a year, she was assigned to be my research assistant and our collaborations began.

over the years, we taught each other and taught together. i taught irina a thing or two about teaching when she was one of my teaching assistants for intro to communication. irina taught me a thing or two about community collaboration with the september project mural and about student-created digital content with urban archives. and we taught - and teach - each other during our marathon walkabouts, our aimless and mindful walks around seattle and san francisco looking for nothing and everything.

yesterday morning, i flew to seattle for one last task at the university of washington - irina's dissertation defense. and by the end of the day, irina gendelman - with help from committee chair crispin thurlow, from committee members, and from honorary committee member deb kaplan - became doctor gendelman.

congratulations irina. you done make us proud.


Irina G. said...

thanks d, you are a terrific teacher, friend and twin brother. an inspiration to me. i am grateful for the serendipity which brought you into my life and which continues to guide us.

Anonymous said...

What A true Friendship! Second step Tenure which you got all moral and support by me Professor Sliver.