Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Green the Web! (a One Web Day celebration)

are you free for lunch at noon on monday, september 22?

join us for green the web! (a one web day celebration).

here's the five-step plan:

1. at noon on september 22, log off the web and join us at USF's community garden.
2. bring your lunch and a reusable drinking container.
3. eat your lunch! drink delicious san francisco tap water! see old friends! make new friends! check out the garden!
4. at some point, take pictures or shoot video of the garden and its goodies.
5. upload your pics and vids of the garden to the web.

let's green the web!

for more information on green the web! (a one web day celebration), contact sara bassett.

and what is one web day?

if you can't join us this monday, consider attending USF's community garden's first work party of the year this saturday, september 20, from 10 am - 3 pm. the focus will be on drip irrigation installation and fall planting. also, lunch will be served. interested? RSVP by thursday to the garden project's elyssa bairstow.

where's the campus garden?

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