Tuesday, June 03, 2008

a trip to seattle

sarah had a work-related meeting in seattle. i tagged along.

my main priority was to meet j. and j., who, overnight, made crispin and jurg's house a home.

then, i headed south to lacey, to saint martin's university, to be part of an exciting faculty development workshop organized by irina gendelman, nathalie kuroiwa-lewis, and olivia archibald and held in o'grady library.

after the workshop, irina and i spent the night on a walkabout through funky olympia, wandering and pondering, walking and talking about everything, including her nearly completed dissertation.

(update: irina gendelman blogged about the workshop and included notes regarding the speakers of the second day.)

back to seattle, sarah and i headed to lee and sachi's (of common craft) to join jay and anastasia (of juxtaprose) for good food, good drink, good talks, and good times.

saturday was spent with beth in ballard, frowning on the new condos and recent developments, walking and talking about new ideas, and smiling at the beautiful puget sound.

sunday brunch with nancy pearl, joe pearl, and sarah was, as always, delightful.

and then a ferry ride to vashon for a delicious meal with lynne and chris and peyton and an after-dinner stroll along the sound.

good to see you seattle.


The Sheck said...

I am a HUGE fan of Lee and Sachi! They do the most amazing work, as I have told them.

Meanwhile, might we get you to Seattle next year for ACRL? I think the Sheck and Silver need some wandering, meandering, discussing, and pondering time.

david silver said...

me too. i love the common craft videos and use a lot of them in my classes. it was fun to see their home studio as well as hear about some of their future projects and directions.

and i concur: sheck and silver need a walkabout! let's scheme on ways to get ourselves to ACRL and then we can plan from there.

Irina G. said...

great shot of C&Js, what a happy family.

it was so fun to see you, you're always an inspiration!