Tuesday, May 13, 2008

faculty innovation award; or, being stalked down the aisle by a man with a plan

yesterday, i won USF's full-time faculty innovation award and michael robertson somehow recorded nearly every second of it.

thanks, USF, for creating a space where experimentation is encouraged, valued, and rewarded.

the rest of the recipients include:

Katie Baum, Program Assistant for Environmental Science, received the College Staff Service Award.

Paula Birnbaum, Assistant Professor of Visual Arts, received the University Distinguished Teaching Award.

Gaƫlle Corvaisier, Adjunct Professor of Modern and Classical Languages, received the College Part-time Faculty Service Award.

Krysten Elbers, Program Assistant for the Center for the Pacific Rim, received the College Staff Service Award.

Katherine Elder, Adjunct Professor of English, received the University Adjunct Teaching Award.

Kara Gardner, Adjunct Professor of Performing Arts, received the University Adjunct Teaching Award.

Jeremy Howell, Associate Professor of Exercise and Sport Science, received the Ignatian Faculty Service Award.

Deneb Karentz and Mary Jane Niles, Professors of Biology, received the Frank L. Beach Award for Outstanding Leadership in Service to the College.

Scott McElwain, Professor of Politics, received the University Sarlo Prize.

Karyn Schell, Assistant Professor of Modern and Classical Languages, received the College Full-time Faculty Service Award.

James L. Taylor, Associate Professor of Politics, received a College Media Award.

The Writing for the Real World Committee (Brian Dempster, David Holler, Devon Holmes, Theresa Newman, and David Ryan) received the University Team Merit Award.


Anonymous said...

hey dude, sorry to break bad news but the reading fort collapsed again :-(

david silver said...

ack! not again!

i'm off campus today but we'll get to it asap.

Chuck said...

Congrats, David! This is a well-deserved honor.

Collin said...

High. Larious.

and congratulations!


Steven Barnett said...

Congrats Silver for the award.

Congrats Robertson for the impressive paparazzi-style camera methods.

kq said...

i am SO pleased for you, googs. i am not surprised, but it is thrilling that your work should be acknowledged so prominently.

david silver said...

thanks folks for the kind words.

steven - thanks. as teachers know, successful experimentation requires students with open minds and a willingness to take risks. as you know, i count you in that category. ooh, and if robertson is the paparazzi can i be paris hilton?

....J.Michael Robertson said...

You're stalking starlets, and you come upon a star. What can I say?

Paco Taco Mike said...

Congrats!!!! You going to be around this coming week? I still need to stop by your office. ttyl

Ivan Chew said...

I intended to say something clever, David. But nah. CONGRATS! :)

Srcsmgrl said...

Congratulations David! Well done and deserved.