Monday, March 24, 2008

davies forum speaker series: kelly quinn

the davies forum on digital literacy continues its speaker series this thursday evening with kelly quinn. first the facts:

who? kelly quinn, assistant professor, american studies, miami university
what? a semester-long speaker series devoted to literacy in a digital age
where? maier room, fromm hall, university of san francisco
when? thursday, march 27, at 6:30 pm
price? free and open to the public

as with the rest of the davies forum speakers series, this event is free and open to the public. in preparation for the talk, you are welcome and encouraged to read the following:

Jane Jacobs' "The Uses of Sidewalks: Assimilating Children"; "The Uses of Sidewalks: Safety"; and "The Uses of Sidewalks: Contact" from Death and Life of Great American Cities (Random House, 1961).

kelly's talk will proceed from a few basic points:

the importance of the sidewalk;
the importance of slowness;
the importance of social intercourse - face to face social intercourse;
the importance of hand-crafted, DIY goods.

to see what we've been up to so far, see (photos) and (videos).

see you there.

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