Saturday, January 12, 2008

bartering knowledge

sarah's in hawaii and i'm still on break so yesterday nene and i decided to drive down to santa cruz to hang out with mom. while there, i taught her how to use RSS and showed her a few tips about flickr. in return, mom taught me how to make her famous and extremely delicious homemade meat pie.


....J.Michael Robertson said...

A couple or three things: 1) You travel with a cat. I admire that. When Eydie and I were first married we hauled our three cats on all sorts of weekend trips. The cats did not much like being hauled. So we admire your courage and dexterity because cats are always on the verge of disappearing forever when on the road. 2) That's a big cat. Perhaps, she insisted on going along and you concluded that was the wise choice, given the fact she is clearly capable of jumping out of her grotto. 3) That's some good-looking meat pie.

skabob said...

I totally read that as "I taught Nene how to use RSS, and then she taught me how to make a meat pie". Crazy Cat.

david silver said...

michael - nene travels. we stick her in a carrying crate and she does aiight. she has all kinds of demands - windows must be up while driving on the freeway, no loud music, no dylan whatsoever - but other than that she's pretty cool traveling. she drove with us from seattle to sf. and the pie was delish. =)

skabob - hee hee. nene is a master of RSS. these days she's considering blogging.

....J.Michael Robertson said...

Mad props to Nene. She thinks RSS means Really Sound Sleep.

Ivan Chew said...

David, for the first picture why don't you get your mom to add notes to the Flickr images? Label the equipment and ingredients needed. And write post the recipe along with the image (in the description field). Or is it a family secret recipe that can't be shared? lol

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