Friday, December 28, 2007

gardening 101

my dad taught me how to garden when i was eight and when we lived in north hollywood. in the backyard we dug up a big patch, made rows, and planted corn, tomatoes, lettuce, radishes, and other assorted goodness. once everything was planted, we'd water, we'd weed, we'd hoe. sometimes we'd get up really early, like at five or six in the morning, run outside, and search for snails. it was fun to learn how to grow veggies and it was fun hanging out with dad.

this spring i'm going back to school to learn how to garden better. sarah and i are going to take garden practice 101. the course meets saturday mornings from mid-january to late-may at city college of san francisco. the course is taught by pam peirce, author of golden gate gardening (highly recommended!), weekly gardening columnist for the san francisco chronicle, and blogger.

hopefully, by spring, our garden on the deck, as well as the garden-to-be on the cement sidewalk that meets our first step outside, will be in full swing.


Jonathan said...

awesome. I hope you post some tips here. We've got a deck (technically a "loggia" since it's cut into the building) and Carrie hopes to work some magic next spring.

david silver said...

hey jonathan - i'll definately post some tips and some pics, good idea. carrie should consider documenting her magic with pics.

....J.Michael Robertson said...

At the center of Jefferson's vision of America stood the educated yeoman farmer, which I take as a non-gendered noun.