Thursday, November 01, 2007

how to make a chicken dinner

how do you make dinner out of a live chicken?

how do you kill it? does it really run around post-dead? how do you get all those feathers off? what kinds of spices do you add when cooking the chicken? and can you do this at home?

here's what you do:

1. right now, go to and check out the video;

2. this saturday night, november 3, from 10-12 pm, go to bernal bubbles and join others to talk about this video and the video series that it is part of. chicken paté will be served.

"making chicken dinner" is episode one of the How to Homestead Serial, a project "dedicated to cinematically distilling and disseminating rich folk wisdom and new fangled experiments in 21st century homesteading." the serial is written and directed by melinda stone, usf media studies professor, filmmaker, homesteader, and all around freak of nature.

see you there.


....J.Michael Robertson said...

I like to be reminded how the world works. Also, we are dealing with a chicken who is having a pretty good time right up till the end, and that is one definition of dealing with food animals in an ethical way.

Buridan said...

good stuff, i remember reading my father's foxfire books when i was a kid, they also have much of this information, but then I've known how to do chicken for a very long time. It isn't for the squeemish.

david silver said...

"I like to be reminded how the world works."

hear hear! me too.

jeremy: next time you're in town, let's get us a chicken and you can work your magic.

Suely said...

I remeber my grandma killing chicken. Blargh, I guess I am old :(

david silver said...

suely - old, schmold: if your grandma is still around you should encourage her to make a video about preparing chickens for dinner.

jini said...

i remember my mother and the methodist minister who lived next door killing chickens. sometimes it was off with their heads on the chopping block and sometimes a timely twist. brutality at work for sure - and yes, they did "run around with their heads cut off!" then it was a dunk in boiling water and getting to pluck all the feathers. thinking on this makes the market sound more appealing. :)