Wednesday, December 13, 2006

organic information design

papers and projects are in; i'm grading.

riffing off something irina suggested when i was silver in seattle, i've been building a slideshow on flickr:

it's not as nicely designed as the white male president graphic below, but it sure is interesting to watch it grow and grow and grow.

back to grading; graduation is this friday!


Amber said...

Eek, have fun with that grading. I'm afraid to read over what I turned in. On a happier note, thanks for an awesome semester. I really enjoyed the class. I hope USF continues to have more digital/internet/new media-oriented classes.

i said...

oh great! I love seeing them all lined up like that. What a record. They all look alike too.

your flickr collection is growing nicely. I like the pics of all the cute kids and you playing. And the turkey covered in bacon. what a daring concept. it looks scrumpcious.

david silver said...

amber - digital democracy was one of the best things of an already awesome semester. thanks for your part in the course.

in spring, i'll be following amber in el salvador. i think i asked you this already but just in case: you're bringing a digital camera, right?