Saturday, November 18, 2006

ucla's powell library + campus cops with tasers + a middle eastern-looking student + other students (some with video recording devices) + youtube =

update: rock on to the daily bruin, ucla's student newspaper, for providing some of the best coverage of the incident and subsequent developments. their most recent coverage includes this online exclusive which covers friday's campus protest. interesting points include:
    More than 50 student organizations sponsored the rally, during which students demanded that an independent investigation be conducted into the officers' actions.

    "Let's stay nonviolent, because we are marching against violence," said Sabiha Ameen, president of the Muslim Students Association and a rally organizer.

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Chuck said...

I saw the editor of The Bruin on MSNBC and she provided a useful reading of the case. The role of YouTube in all of this makes me want to revive an old 60s cliche: the whole world *is* watching.